Two Cellos

Two Cellos.

I have suddenly found myself in a house with two cellos. Our daughter decided to follow her older brother and take up cello as well. Now there is hardly a minute of silence around here. But music is also inspirational and made me think of the forms and shapes of the instruments and the contact between the instrument and the musician. I’m trying to use flashes to isolate the shapes in this series – a true work in progress…

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How about studies of the intimate physical contact between an instrument and the player. A closeup of the finger rests showing the deep impressions into the fingers by the strings. A cheek pressed into a chin rest. A very old neglected instrument leaning in a corner. Apply your skill of reducing an image to its essentials.

Thank you Rich, I’m already on it. I’m threading careful so I’m not wearing out the kids patience, which is at times limited… (see post; Two cellos Part II)

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